I think the children and parents will be really disappointed if we don’t hold another Fun-Run. I think it’s going to become an annual event for us because of the smiles on their faces. I think we would be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn’t have another Fun-Run. The kids have been chanting Fun-Run … Fun-Run … over and over. It really brought our school together and it involved a lot of our community.


The School Fun Run was a great fundraising event for our school. Most of the organisation for the day was completely organised for us and we just had to run the day itself.

Kim Elliott

Excellent day. Wonderful support from Gaia – Thanks!

Angela Kinner

Easy to manage and a great incentive to get kids active.

Heidi campbell

The School Fun Run was a simple and healthy way for us to raise some much needed funds. The event management program is so easy to use. Thanks to your staff (Gaia) for going the extra mile to make sure our event/prize orders went smoothly.

Louise Williams

Company is very easy to deal with.

Anne Duerden

Really professional and great support.

Johnathan Hatch

We had our best fundraising year, the online part is helping our participation and profits

Col Miller

Very positive and the staff are always helpful, thank you!

Matt Allen-Ankins

The fun run was easy to administer, staff were very friendly and helpful, offering support and following up to make sure everything was flowing along. The children were very impressed with the rewards on offer and are very keen to participate again next year.

Donna Miles

An exciting activity for our school students with a great build up atmosphere and rewarding experience. All students set a challenge for themselves and were proud of their achievement. The certificates and prizes received after the fun run meant the excitement lasted a lot longer than just one day.

Kirsty Rankin

Very positive responses from staff, parents and students. Excellent fundraising activity. Brilliant support and prompt responses and follow up regarding questions and concerns.



The experience was really positive. Gaia was very helpful and promptly answered any questions we had. Our overall fundraising total was around $22,000, which I was not expecting at all! The students who fundraised online made a huge contribution to that total, and I would definitely recommend schools do the online fundraising.

Amy Booker

Fantastic! It was an easy and highly successful Fun Run that teachers, parents and students enjoyed!

Jean Duff

Very easy to organise. The School Fun Run did all the organising.

Mandy Meed

Our students really enjoy participating in the Fun Run. They look forward to it every year.

Caryn Cox

The Fun Run was an overall amazing fundraiser from start to finish. We are a small school of only 52 students but we have fantastic outside support from our families and friends. Every year we try to think of new ways to fundraise, and after reading about The Fun Run online, my initial thought was “this is too good to be true”. All promotional material is provided for you and you have excellent contacts whenever you need them, you even get your very own coordinator. There are amazing prizes to choose from for each and every student, easy and fun for children to fundraise with the forms all provided and the option to fundraise online with everydayhero. The Fun Run was a great fundraising experience for our amazing little school, with very little work involved in the organisation of the day and most importantly no outlay of costs. We were shocked with how much money we raised for so little effort. HIGHLY RECOMMEND and most importantly the children LOVED IT.

Jess Griffiths

The School Fun Run is the best fundraising program that I have been involved in. The procedure is easy to follow and there is plenty of assistance if required. At Gracemere State School we’ve held the School Fun Run (through The Fundraising Group) for the past seven years straight.

Matthew Harrison