While words of encouragement and support can help boost a child’s confidence and empower them from within, there are plenty of creative activities you can do with your kids to help them build on their inner-strength and internal happiness.

There are a multitude of facets that contribute to feeling empowered – self-belief, gratitude, physical and mental strength, genuine happiness, sound decision-making, confidence and a sense of fulfillment are just a handful. By setting a good foundation and developing on each aspect, in a positive way, it can help to create an overall feeling of empowerment in your little one’s life.

So here are a few creative ways to inspire and empower your child today, and every other day for that matter!

1.     Dream big

Whatever your child wants to be in life, encourage them to dream big. A creative and fun way to help support their dream, is by getting them to create their very own dream board.  Kids love a bit of arts and crafts time, so get out some project paper, a pile of magazines, scissors and glue and get creating! Ask them to put everything they want in life on their dream board, whether it’s to do with a career, with travel, with family, school and even weekend activities. It’s a great way to get them thinking about everything they enjoy and envisage what they want to achieve. Be sure to let them know, their dream board is only limited by their imagination!

2.     Stand tall

According to research by Harvard Business School professor Amy Cuddy, power posing is a thing, and yes, it can help boost one’s confidence. Set aside time each day to practice a few power stances with your kids. To make it engaging, get them to choose their favourite superhero, and position themselves in the hero’s signature stance for a minute or two. Make sure they are standing up straight, and their stance is powerful and strong. For example, if your child were to choose batman, get them to stand with their legs set apart, hands on their hips, chin up and chest puffed out. These can also be done before your little one has to do a test or something that makes he or she nervous. Be as creative and as bold as you can be with your stances. It’s a great, active way to spark their confidence and feel completely empowered, with plenty of laughs guaranteed!

3.     Pay it forward

We all feel better about ourselves when people are nice to us or when we receive thoughtful compliments from others. Challenge your child to say or do three kind things to others each day. By being nice, considerate and kind to others, it not only teaches respect and compassion, but it will also, in turn, makes your little one feel good about his or herself too. You can also encourage positive self-talk, by getting your child to look into the mirror each morning and say something positive about his or herself. Practice this with them by sharing what you like about yourself. This will make it feel more like a fun activity than being told what to do.  

Chanelle Shibata