Let’s face facts, we can no longer shy away from the fact that plastic is a major contributor to landfill here in Australia.  It can be easy to make excuses not to recycle… it’s too late to go out to the recycling bin, I need to put the kids to bed, I’ll recycle the bags tomorrow or, it’s only one plastic container what harm will it do… but we need to band together to make an effort to recycle to ensure the world is a better place for our kids.

Of late, we are seeing big corporations paving the way to a zero waste future. Supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles are turning to reusable bags to decrease their role in wastage. In Queensland and Western Australia, the introduction of banning single-use, lightweight plastic bags from major retailers will take effect this July 1, bringing the states into line with the ACT, South Australia and Tasmania.

Below are three ways you can inspire your kids to reduce their carbon footprint:

1.          MAKE IT FUN. Educate your kids through an interactive and easy to follow game. We recommend Clean Up Australia’s Clean Up the River interactive online recycling game. It gives kids an insight of how a recycling plant works and how disposed goods are divided into categories: organic, plastic bags, aluminium, paper and glass. Best part- it is FREE, check it out here.

2.          MAKE IT PERSONALISED. Create personalised recycling tubs with the kids so they can start tracking their own recycling. To motivate action, we recommend developing a sticker chart for each of the kids to reward them for their efforts. Once they have successfully recycled for seven days straight then reward them with a prize of your choice – we recommend giving them an extra 10 mins of playtime before bed.   

3.          GET INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY. Make a family day of it and get involved in initiatives that nurture your local community. There is an increasing number of nationwide events such as Take Three For The Sea and Clean Up Australia Day, that aim to reduce plastics in our natural environment. These events are great ways to get the kids outdoors and teach them about the impact of littering.