Sustainability seems to be the trending term of the moment, but what does it mean? Much like relationships with family and friends, if we nourish our relationship with the environment, we will reap the benefits of healthy living in return. 

By introducing small changes into our daily routines, we can create a sustainable future for our kids.

We know that kids are sponges, so if we lead by example and make environmentally-friendly choices, we can influence our kids to carry these actions forward into their daily routines.

Below are some easy tips to introduce into your family’s everyday life to contribute towards a sustainable future.

1.    GET GARDENING. Whether you live in a unit block or have your own backyard, grow your very own a vegetable garden. You don’t need to have a green thumb - check out ABC’s Vege Guide, an app that supports even the most novice of gardeners to grow a bountiful harvest. Before starting write a list of the key vegetables your family enjoy. To create the perfect eco-friendly garden bed, you can upcycle products found in the family home from recycled ice cream tubs, tins, jam jars, to plastic bottles. Once your vegies have grown, throw them together in a delicious salad!

2.    WONDERFUL WORMFARMS. Australian families throw out an estimated 20 per cent of their fruit and vegetables each week accounting for huge amounts of organic waste in our landfill. By creating a worm farm at home, you can reduce your family’s contribution to landfill. The benefit of worms is they are natural recyclers that convert food scraps into compost for the garden.

3.    EARTH LESSONS. We prioritise teaching kids to read and write but what about teaching them about the importance of the environment? Start by dedicating time each week to teaching your kids about the world around them. Great topics to start with include, where does water come from, how electricity is made, what happens to our rubbish? Make learning fun with Teachstarter, a great resource for getting kids involved in everything from nature scavenger hunts through to electric cars and more.

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